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Barr Polls Well in Ohio

Bob Barr is taking a big chunk of votes away from McBama in our neighbor state to the East. From the Sandusky Register Online:

Libertarian Barr close to double digits in Ohio

Friday August 29 2008, 11:08am

A Zogby International poll released Aug. 22 showed Libertarian Bob Barr is drawing support from 8 percent of the Ohio's voters. (The poll placed Barack Obama at 41 percent and John McCain at 36 percent, Ralph Nader at 1 percent and "Not Sure/Other" at 13 percent.)

It's just one poll, but members of the Ohio Libertarian Party are pleased and hope the poll numbers show they can become a player in state politics.

8 percent is going to be about 4 times the margin of victory. It suggests that McCain and Obama are failing to win over Americans, and are off-base on some keys issues with voters.

Can't wait to see how Barr's doing here in Indiana!

Update: Barr is currently polling at 7% here in Indiana, with McCain at 40%, Obama at 39%. Zogby shows both Ohio and Indiana as undecided right now. Here's a link to Zogby's 50-state daily polling map.

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