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"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" - Patrick Henry

Kole Fundraiser at Pinheads

Fishers Resident Mike Kole is the Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State. A fundraiser for Kole is being held tonight at Pinheads in Fishers, with bowling starting at 6:30pm.

Cost is $30/person, or $100/foursome. Cost includes free shoe rental.

Pinheads is located at 13825 Britton Park Rd. Mapquest link.

Pinheads is a great new family fun spot. They have a no-smoke policy- by their choosing, not government imposition. Big thanks to supporter Todd Singer for staging this event.

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Fishers Council Looking To Ban Smoking

The Fishers Town Council is, once again acting in a typically nannyish manner. This week they have proposed a new town law that would ban smoking in "public spaces" including, but certainly not limited to municipal buildings, open air parks, rights of way and sidewalks. They are also planning on drafting a second law which would take away the rights of business owners to determine whether or not smoking was allowed on their premises.

It becomes readily apparent that the "Republican" dominated Fishers Town Council is more than willing to abandon such concepts as personal responsibility, property rights, liberty and self determination. Social engineering of this sort is supposedly the domain of the leftist party in this country. How is it that "Republicans" are now indulging in this odious behaviour?

This time around their President, Scott Faultless isn't even bothering to pretend to take a conservative position on the matter. Unlike his previous foray, where he voted to increase taxes in Fishers, this time Mr. Faultless wants a no smoking law...
" protect children and other nonsmokers from second-hand smoke that the U.S. surgeon general said in June poses a health hazard."
That's right folks a "Republican" wants to do it "for the children". How many times have we heard this same rallying cry from the social engineers on the left side of the aisle and how many times have we heard the condemnation issuing from the mouths of the pundits on the right? More than we care to mention, that's for sure.

The Council is more than willing to impose a $100 fine on smokers who happen to be disobeying their law, standing on a corner or even walking on one of their sidewalks while smoking. As savvy readers are more than aware, it often benefits government to create new classes of criminals and Mr. Faultless, aided by his comrades on the Council are all set to create a new "crime" problem where none exists. We are certain that the Fishers Police have more than sufficient time to tackle the newest crime wave which this law will create. Think of the revenue which will be generated by the numerous foot patrols of local bars, restaurants and neighbourhoods! Will Fishers see "smoking raids" and street sweeps to round up the smoking scofflaws?

Fishers is set to follow in the footsteps of other municipalities which have decided that politicians know best how individuals and businesses should conduct themselves inprivate and in public. While Libertarians have long contended that there is no discernable difference between the two parties it is issues such as this that make it abundantly clear that we are correct. Republicans in Hamilton County have abandoned the last vestiges of their public face and are happily embracing their true nature.

Libertarians, elected to office will never vote to take away anyone's rights to self determination, property rights, liberty or personal responsibility.
.....Advocates of a police state believe anything not under government control is, by definition, out of control.-Claire Wolfe, author

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