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"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" - Patrick Henry

Full Legislative Session- Hide Your Wallet!

This new year presents us with the dreaded full legislative session in Indiana. Only after seeing what kind of tax-and-spend is possible under Republican majorities can we sigh relief at the new narrow majorities of Democrats and the gridlock that creates, because neither Ds & Rs are either fiscally conservative nor fiscally responsible.

"No man's life nor liberty is safe while the legislature is in session."
-Mark Twain

They convene beginning tomorrow, Monday, January 8. Hold on to your wallets!

We can expect the Statehouse Democrats to try to introduce bills which feature more spending. We can also find Republicans doing the same. The mad rush to warehouse the children, er, create full-day kindergarten, is a prime example. There will be more bills to keep track of than our legislators can actually read. So, it's important to know what's important to you, and what your own legislators are up to.

Here are the Indiana Senators and Indiana House members that represent Hamilton County, with email links and page with legislation they are promoting:

Senator Luke Kenley, R-District 20 (Noblesville, Atlanta, Cicero, Arcadia, Delaware Twp. north of 116th). Email link. Legislative link.

Senator Jeff Drozda, R-District 21 (Western Washington Twp north of SR 32, Sheridan, and into Boone and Tipton Counties). Email link. Legislative link.

Senator Beverly Gard, R-District 28 (Fall Creek Twp.) Email link. Legislative link.

Senator Mike Delph, R-District 29 (western Clay Twp, Washington Twp south of SR 32). Email link. Legislative link.

Senator Teresa Lubbers, R-District 30 (Delaware Twp south of 116th, Clay Twp south of 116th and east of Springmill Rd, then into Marion County) Email link. Legislative link.

Representative Kathy Richardson, R-District 29 (most of Noblesville Twp, Delaware Twp north of 116th, Fall Creek Twp). Email link. Legislative link.

Representative Jack Lutz, R-District 35 (goofy district that begins at Adams Twp & Sheridan to west, meanders through a slice of Jackson Twp, into Wayne Twp, and then into Madison County). Email link. Legislative link.

Representative Terri Austin, D-District 36 (White River and Jackson Twps). Email link. Legislative link.

Representative Gerald Torr, R-District 39 (meandering district bordered at north by SR 32, at west by the county line, then southeasterly into Carmel north of 116th and east into Delaware Twp south of 116th). Email link. Legislative link.

Representative David Orentlichter, D-District 86 (Clay Twp south of 116th, but mainly in Marion County). Email link. Legislative link.

Representative Cindy Noe, R-District 87 (Washington Twp and western Noblesville Twp). Email link. Legislative link.

Drozda is the legislative king of the Hamilton County Statehouse denizens with eight bills, including the very important bill addressing the weighty issue of 'battery by body waste'. Noe, Lutz and Austin are authors to no legislation, which makes them a-ok in my book, to the point that they aren't initiating the erosion of liberty.

Look for comment shortly on all of the proposed legislation authored our Hamilton County legislators. Don't be surprised when we support some of it. Unlike Ds & Rs, Libertarians call good law good law, on the rare occasions we find it, and regardless of who wrote it.

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