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Burton, or a Can of Alpo?

Which would you rather have, District Five voters? I ask because each seems as capable as showing up for votes these days. From an Indy Star report:
U.S. Rep. Dan Burton skipped 19 House votes, including measures to reduce college costs and cut oil industry tax breaks, so he could play in a golf tournament last month in Palm Springs, Calif.

Burton also missed hearings on Iraq and North Korea to play in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, which pairs top golfers with politicians and celebrities such as actor and director Clint Eastwood.

A review of House votes for the past decade shows the Indianapolis Republican has been absent every year votes coincided with the tournament: 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2001. This year in January, he missed a total of 20 out of 73 votes.

Keep in mind that Dan Burton was the sole vote against ethics reform. People were scratching their heads and asking why he would do that. All is now made clear.

So, District Five: Are you happy with this "performance"? Is it time for you to stop blindly voting 'R' yet? Burton hasn't been voting for smaller government, so what is the point? This is a guy who makes Julia Carson's attendence record sparkle.

Don't expect the man to change his ways unless you act. He knows he is in the most safely gerrymandered Congressional District in the State of Indiana. He refused comment on this issue from all media who have inquired. That's some kind of contempt. Worse, it's disinterest in performing even the simplest role outlined in his title- "Representative".

Everyone knows that because of the gerrymandering, you can run a can of Alpo in District 5, and it would win so long as it wore the 'R' label, and you had a reincarnated Barry Goldwater wearing a 'D', and a reincarnated Ronald Reagan wearing an 'L'. District Five, you are asleep at the switch! You need to pay attention to what the candidates stand for and what their record is. Voting on what you think the labels used to stand for isn't getting you anywhere good, and it certainly isn't making Dan Burton show up.

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