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Brainard's Folly In Need Of More Money

Those of us who are familiar with Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard's legacy building ways are hardly surprised to hear that Brainard's Folly is in need of more cash to the tune of $50 million. This is on top of the $80 million that the people of Carmel will have to shell out to pay for the core project. Honestly? We saw it coming and, if things hold true to course this will be the tip of the iceberg where Mayor Brainard's money pit project is concerned. What could possibly go wrong with a project that is already in need of $50 million before a final design has even been drafted?

The folks of Carmel, Indiana can look forward to many long years of paying for, and subsidizing this folly, all so Mr. Brainard can have his name attached to a plaque somewhere. So-called "arts" venues are notorious fiscal drains on communities that require constant subsidising in order to function. Carmel's Performing Arts Center will be no different than any other in this regard. The people of Hamilton County will likely have a bill tendered to them at some point, given the regionalistic outlook of Mayor Brainard.
Brainard is confident that pockets in Carmel and across Central Indiana are deep enough to support what he says will be a concert hall unrivaled in Indiana.
Not content to siphon off money from the people of Carmel, Mr. Brainard is apparently looking to reach out and touch everyone in Central Indiana to fund his legacy. Unfortunately, Mayor Brainard is not up for election until next year, along with his City Council. If luck holds out, tho they could be replaced by fiscally responsible individuals before this project becomes the budgetary equivalent of a cancer. No doubt the Hamilton County Libertarian Party will field a qualified candidate in 2007.

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